Business Intelligence

CORE Foodservice’s industry-leading Business Intelligence (BI) division is the nerve center and catalyst behind the company’s data-driven strategies and optimization efforts. Staffed with hundreds of multidisciplined experts, our BI teams work one-on-one with consumer goods manufacturers and retailers to generate insights that make a measurable difference.

  • Advanced digital solutions to speed both sales execution and order entry processing
  • Access to the industry’s best talent and enterprise capabilities, focusing on eCommerce, data and business analytics
  • Omni channel expertise to navigate the narrowing bridge between diner and consumer demands
  • Access to robust data and skillsets to build out the analytics to understand and exploit the trends that are driving the foodservice consumer’s behavior




Our customized CRM platform, developed in collaboration with Salesforce, provides an enterprise-wide platform to communicate strategy across the selling teams, and proactively report progress against planned results.


Our exclusive partnership with SpeakEasy, the mobile app, is the foundation to an eCommerce strategy that more closely connects buyers to sellers through our sales teams.


Additionally, our modernized digital selling solutions have been enhanced through an exclusive partnership with Salsify and Digideck, directly and dynamically connecting our product catalogs to our sales teams.

Power BI

Sales Execution is optimized by enlisting best in class analytics tools to effectively manage the explosive growth of data available in foodservice. The results are more qualified targets with the volume potential to collaboratively grow our collective business.