The uniting of Acosta, a global integrated sales and marketing services company, and The CORE Group, one of the most progressive foodservice sales agencies, brings together industry-leading capabilities from both Acosta and The CORE Group, creating a strategically resourced organization designed to meet the requirements of new customer behaviors and expectations.


A people-centric culture where leaders roll up their sleeves and lead from the field, and associates are empowered to do what it takes to deliver sales growth.


CORE's channel-dedicated teams are aligned to penetrate every segment growth opportunity in foodservice… period!


With over 750+ selling associates, CORE is the best resourced sales team in all food service.

Mission Statement


Willing & Engaged


Never Give Up (aka NOTYNOG™)


CORE Values

People First

Engaged Leadership

Lead By Example

Focus On Results

Work Hard, Work Smart

(If You Don’t Try You Don’t Get)

Celebrate Success


Happy People Do Happy Things

Putting people first promotes the sharing of ideas, suggestions, and improvements. People are at the core of our organization, and our team members are our most important asset. Even as technology advances and capital shifts, it is the contributions of the individual team members who comprise our organization’s workforce that ultimately sets us apart from our competitors.

Bleeding Purple and Green!